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Crocodile Farm Siem Reap


"Help preserve wild animals," is printed on the tickets that you buy for admission into the Crocodile Farm. The crocodiles are more likely to be preserved by a Thai handbag maker than an ecologically minded zoo operator. Nonetheless, the crocodiles at the farm have been here for a good time, if not a long time. From the moment these crocodiles poke their snouts out from the crack in an egg, they are treated like the precious possessions that they are. 

You can also see the crocodile nests in the Crocodile Farm, Siem Reap. At first sight, the crocodile nests look much like any other pile of dirt. After the 75th day of the incubation period passes, some brave soul waits until mama crocodile goes for a swim, then take the ready-to-hatch eggs to a shaded area where the little ones snap their teeth for the very first time. 

Hatching of these crocodiles usually happens early in the morning, so early visitors get the best look at minutes-old crocodiles and sometimes the staff will even let you hold one. A good breeding crocodile can yield up to 40 eggs a year and a full-grown female crocodile fetches about $400. There is also a conveniently located Crocodile Restaurant close by the gates. Diners are advised to call ahead to make sure the reptile is on the menu. A tour to the Crocodile Farm is a must if you happen to visit Siem Reap for business or leisure.

Crocodile Farm Siem Reap Crocodile Farm Siem Reap